Choosing a Good Web Hosting Company for Dummies

Choosing a good hosting company is just as important as choosing your domain name and will have a considerable impact on your online business or organization. Between the two, it is a near impossible task to say outright which is the best, as at any given time businesses needs and objectives vary. For one company […]

Transfer Domain from Register to Godaddy

There are certain instructions that need to be followed if a person decides to transfer their domain name from to Firstly you have to make sure to prepare your domain name with so that it can successfully complete the process. In addition to this you need to make sure that the domain […]

What Was The 1st Registered Domain Name?

Did you know that was the first domain name that was ever registered? on the 15th of March 1985.It was registered by the now defunct Massachusetts-based computer manufacturer Symbolics While the 1st domain name was created in January 1985 was (it was used to serve as the identifier of the first root server,, […]