Choosing a Good Web Hosting Company for Dummies

Choosing a good hosting company is just as important as choosing your domain name and will have a considerable impact on your online business or organization.

Between the two, it is a near impossible task to say outright which is the best, as at any given time businesses needs and objectives vary. For one company a particular decision might work great, but the same may not work well with a different company.

There are numerous tips to get a good hosting plan at an affordable price. It is imperative that you identify what your hosting needs are to effectively compare and contrast between several hosting companies before you settle for one.

How can you navigate through the maze of web hosting? The following are the qualities and features to look out for in a good hosting company;

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility

The above are arguably the four most important aspects to scrutinize while choosing a Web host 

I)  Price

Price is an essential element albeit not the sole reason to make the final decision. Having identified what your hosting needs are, the cost of the hosting service and plan, you should be commensurate with your hosting needs. With competition being rife, the prices are quite reasonable across the board.

To save you from hours of speculating between the myriad of hosting companies, you would be well-served price wise, if you made a choice of the best hosting companies like Godaddy or HostGator as their services are quite straight forward and within the same price range.

II) Quality

In respect to quality, there are numerous things to consider, amongst them being picking a hosting plan that has MySQL version 5 and above as well as a C-panel and Fantastico.

  • Fantastico; the greatest thing about this application is that it enables you to perform a one-click-installation for WordPress or Joomla content management system among many other popular programs even if you have zero knowledge.
  • C-panel; this panel is used to manage hosted account and is more or less similar to your windows control panel. This tool gives you maximum control and allows you easy management of your site.

III)  Reliability

If your hosting needs are solely business oriented, it would be important to ascertain the reliability of your hosting plan. You want to make sure you have the highest uptime possible, in the range of 100%, because this means you will be available 24/7 to your customers and not lose any opportunity to make sales.

Also, make sure they have a strong technical support and clear avenues where you can reach them.

IV)  Flexibility

Will the hosting company be able to upgrade you without much fuss should there be need?

In case you wish to transfer your hosting service to another company in future, will that be a smooth process or will you face some resistance? You are better served asking and researching on these questions before choosing.

This is basic guide on how to choose a good hosting company.

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