Transfer Domain from Register to Godaddy

There are certain instructions that need to be followed if a person decides to transfer their domain name from to Firstly you have to make sure to prepare your domain name with so that it can successfully complete the process. In addition to this you need to make sure that the domain name has been registered with for a minimum of 60 days. Secondly make sure that within those 60 days the contact information has not changed.

There are four major steps in this transfer process. The first step is to disable the privacy settings, it is important to do this because if the domain has a private registration, your personal data will be hidden and thus the email address will not get confirmed in the Whois Database. The second step is to confirm the administration contact information. This is important as during the transfer process GoDaddy will email the administrative contact at the Whois Database.

The email would contain certain details that are used to complete and approve the transfer. The third step is to unlock the domain which is needed because usually domains have a lock on them what stop any unauthorized transfer, thus unlocking the domain is vital. The final step is to obtain an authorized code, which is a transfer code or an EPP code which will be needed from your present register.

Once you follow all these steps you need to purchase a domain name transfer from the GoDaddy’s website. You will then receive a confirmation email once the purchase is made. When you complete purchasing the domain name you need to choose between keeping the existing nameservers in which your domain name does not go down during the transfer or change to park nameservers in which you can already have an email account with the website.

To authorize and transfer the domain name to GoDaddy you need to log into your GoDaddy email account, click the manage option and then the transfers option which you will find under the domains menu. Once you have done that choose the authorize transfer option and then click on the add now option. You will then find a transaction ID and security code information field which you fill out.

Once you have done these, either choose the basic tab and enter the given authorization code or choose the bulk tab and enter a single domain name and its authorization code. Following this click on the I authorize option, then on the finish option and the final click is on OK.

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